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Defending Your Rights!

McGraw Law Firm defends the rights of individuals who have been arrested and/or accused of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.  At this stage, you have likely just been arrested and your license has been temporarily revoked.  You need to understand that while the law relating to DWI related offenses is complex, the Constitution is here to protect you.  In point of fact, the officer must have had a reason to stop you.  While the officer is investigating a valid traffic stop, to have the matter proceed to a DWI investigation, the officer must have reasonable, articuable suspicion to believe that you were driving while intoxicated and/or under the influence of alcohol and such influence affected your ability to safely operate the motor vehicle. 

The officer’s report must articulate such suspicion.  The officer then may have you perform a field sobriety test and at the conclusion of a failed test the officer may instruct you to take a breath test.  If you fail the breath test, then the officer may place you under arrest, taking you to the station, and have you take an Intoxilyzer.  Should the result of the Intoxilyzer be .08 or greater, you would likely be charged with a DWI related offense. 

These cases are beatable.  I strongly urge you to call my office immediately.

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National Department of Motor Vehicles

MN department of motor vehicles 

National Driver Registry
this Link is to see if your driving privileges have been revoked

DUI Driver Statistics

Helpful PDF Files
Impaired Driving Penalties Brochure (pdf)

DWI -EZ Brochure (pdf)

Dui penalty statutes are listed below.

Reinstatement Fees


Revoked licenses

Alcohol/Drugs/Criminal Vehicular Operation (Effective 7/1/03)
Other offenses - including No-fault Insurance revocation



Suspended License, includes No-fault Insurance violation (suspended)


CDL Disqualification Fee




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